Body Design and Manufacture

Truong Long has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing and designing trucks & special purpose vehicles with a team of proficient engineers who are professionally trained by the experts in the industry.

Design competence

A team of experienced engineers with the expertise in designing trucks and special purpose vehicles.  Noticeable products can be listed as: Dropside Truck, Canvas Truck, Dry Freight Truck, Dump Truck, Crane Truck Garbage Truck

With the spirit of always listening, learning and improving combined with the integration of the latest modern technology using specialized 3D

design softwares such as Solidworks, Inventor, Autocad with the sole purpose to create the most effectively optimized products tailored to the needs of customers on the market

Production capacity

Furthermore, the company has a project to expand the body-manufacturing factory in the Mekong Delta region. With the increasingly demanding requirements from the customers towards the products in this continuously developing trucking industry.  Truong Long is the first HINO dealer to have a large-scale operation body manufacturing factory equipped with the most modern machinery equipment located in Can Tho province.

Besides the task of improving the skill set of our factory employees.  The production capabilities also play a pivotal role.  As a result, we have imported various modernized manufacturing machinery equipment to continuously enhance the quality of final productions. 

Laser material thickness gauge

- Laser distance meter

- Laser weld inspection machine

- Bolt tightening force tester

- System of hydraulic presses and cutters...

With the strict adherence to the quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001 standards.  The body-manufacturing factory has a standardized quality control process at every stage and production procedures to ensure the qualified products with best quality.

CN Can Tho aims to increase the output of cartoning to meet market demand. 

Warranty Policy

  • We are not responsible for any damage to the product during the warranty period caused by the following reasons:
  • Customers arbitrarily modify the structure,  position of the details of the product.
  • Carrying goods exceeding the design payload, loading goods not in accordance with manufacturer’s guidance.
  • Damage due to collisions, accidents, loading and unloading of goods, improper operation.
  • Transporting corrosive goods: Acid or salt.
  • Damage caused by environmental corrosion, natural disaster factors.
  • Parts that naturally wear out over time, such as hydraulic oil, oil filter, cylinder seal, slip gasket, similar parts, etc.
  • Customers do not check and maintain according to manufacturer’s guidance.
  • Working lights.

Owner's responsibility

  • The user should read and understand the contents stated in the "user manual" provided by the manufacturer.

  • Users need to check and maintain vehicles according to manufacturer’s guidance. Please note that maintenance needs to be done more frequently if your vehicle is operating in extreme conditions such as: too dusty, too hot or cold, etc.

  • To perform warranty service, please bring your vehicle to the "Warranty Station" of Truong Long Engineering and AUTO JSC company

Warranty period

Warranty period : 12 months after delivered date

To perform warranty service, please bring your vehicle to Truong Long’s service station at these addresses

  • Lot 46, Road No  03, Tan Tao Industrial Zone, Binh Tan district, HCMC

  • Lot 1A, 1B, A11, A12, Binh Minh Industrial Zone, Binh Minh town, Vinh Long province

  • 1A Route, Hoa Chau commune, Hoa Vang province, Da Nang City


  • Specialized equipment is the equipment that is required to be installed into the vehicle to perform specific tasks: Cranes, dump trucks, ....

  • For base vehicles, please read and understand the contents stipulated in the "warranty and maintenance book" provided by the manufacturer.