About Us

About US

  • Truong Long is not just a typical sales company.  It takes pride in providing a comprehensive solution that comprises  a wide array of services for the customer.  From design and manufacture upper-bodies for trucks and special purpose vehicles to after-sales services, such as maintenance & repairing.
  • “Always aiming to deliver highest quality products and services”.  Truong Long’s philosophy reflects the organizational culture which strictly adheres to the quality management system ISO 9001-2018, that highlights great deal of care on the supervision process for the input of manufacturing materials to ensure the final productions meet stringent standards.
  • Each and every single product that has been delivered into the market is the passionate commitment from Truong Long.  Our internal procedures to continuously improve the product quality designed with the sole purpose to deliver the best possible outcomes  with the most reasonably priced products to our customers.  Most importantly, our company strictly abides by Vietnam Register’s regulations.
  • Reliability has been proven through countless sales transactions as the guarantee of our trusted brand for many years.  Customers can feel a sense of security when they come to Truong Long because we always live up to our commitment to 100% deliver products and services as promised.



Truong Long Commercial - Service, a predecessor of current Truong Long Engineering and Auto JSC Company was established on February 16th, 1998.  The former business entity located at 06 Dinh Bo Linh street, ward 26, Binh Thanh district, HCMC that specialized in the business of selling special purpose vehicles, especially cranes.

2001 - 2005 

Development stages of the company marked with various prominent events:

  • Officially became the 3S Dealer of Hino Motors Vietnam in 2004

  • Design and technical department was established for the first time in conjunction with the inauguration of an upper-body manufacturing workshop for trucks and special purpose vehicles.

  • The creation of the Can Tho branch with the purpose of exhibiting HINO products and the providing of after-sales services to serve customers in the Mekong Delta region.

2006 - 2010 

It was the most memorable period in the development history of Truong Long. Truong Long was the first ever company in Vietnam to pursue the business model “one stop shopping” with the sole purposes of seeking best interests and cost reduction for the customers when selecting HINO trucks.  The business model comprises a comprehensive package: design, upper-body manufacturing for trucks and special purpose vehicles, registration, truck maintenance and repairing together with the supply of vehicle body insurance for customers.

  • In the beginning of 2007, the company’s headquarters relocated to Tan Tao Industrial Park.  The 9000m2 new facility incorporates areas designed for sales departments and truck exhibition, repairing and after-sales services and upper-body manufacturing.  Truong Long was the first and only HINO dealer regarded by HINO Motors VietNam  as a “Qualified 3S HINO dealer” in Vietnam during that time.

  • Truong Long officially transformed its business operation to become a Joint Stock Company in February, 2007.  Organizational structure and management procedures were completely revamped to well-aligned with the new business model. 

  • June 2017, Truong Long inaugurated the  Registration Center 50-10D.  It was among the first private centers granted with the license in HCMC

  • October 2007, SUMITOMO CORPORATION - Automotive Division, signed a strategic partnership contract with Truong Long, with 25,56% shares.  SUMITOMO is a prominent trading corporation with multiple diversified investment areas such as building, estate, transportation and financial etc.. Through this strategic partnership contract, SUMITOMO Corporation committed to assist Truong Long on many fronts such as financial support , management strategy as well R&D process and service that follow international standards. 

  • In the end of 2007, Truong Long sold 3% of its shares to employees through the “ESOP” program.  The program was designed to incentivize employees, bonding and increase long-term commitment to the company. 

  • In 2008, Truong Long initiated the construction phase for the project “3S Hino Center, Vehicle Showroom and Office Building for Rental” at Binh Minh Industrial Zone, Vinh Long province. 

  • At the end of 2019,  Truong Long increased the charter capital from 43,2 Billions to 80 Billions for the preparation of being  listed at Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange in the beginning of 2010.  The decision to IPO was to access the investment funds from the shareholders, paving the way for future strategic investment plans and sustainable development of the organization.

  • October 2010, Truong Long received the approval from State Securities Commision of Vietnam for the listing of 8 million shares at Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange (HOSE) with the stock code as HTL

  • November 2010, the company officially became a Sole Distributor for Tadano cargo cranes in the Vietnam market.

2011 - Nay 

March, 2012.  The opening ceremony of Mekong Delta HINO 3S Center at Binh Minh Industrial Zone, Vinh Long province was organized and officially put into business.  It is the largest HINO dealer facility in the entire country. 

January, 2014.  Chairatchakarn (Bangkok), among the biggest HINO dealers in Thailand became a strategic shareholder of Truong Long with 18% shares  With many years of experience in the HINO business at Thailand market, Chairatcharkarn will support Truong Long to expand HINO operation at Vietnam intensively.

November, 2015.  ShinMaywa - a top tier Japanese special purpose machinery manufacturer authorized Truong Long JSC to become a sole distributor of tipping gears for dump trucks at the Vietnam market.

April, 2016.  Truong Long inaugurated 3S HINO Center at Danang to serve customers in the Central region.

October, 2016.  Aichi Hino, one the top-tier HINO dealers in Japan, bought 5% of shares and became among the biggest shareholders of Truong Long.

Long Truong JSC, a subsidiary of Truong Long was established at Bac Ninh province to expand sales network of TADANO cargo cranes in the Northern region

January, 2020. Long Truong Company - Binh Duong branch, was established to increase the sales network of TADANO cargo cranes and ShinMaywa tipper gears in the Southern region


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Why buy Truong Long’Products


  • Complying with the quality management process ISO 9001-2018, Truong Long Company has a strict quality control system for input of production materials and output of final production, together with the periodic supplier evaluation process to ensure Products from Truong Long are of the best quality

Complete Service Package

  • Truong Long provides a comprehensive solution package for customers from designing, upper-body manufacturing for special purpose vehicles to vehicle repairing and warranty services. Customers feel a sense of  100% security when coming to Truong Long because they are taken care of from A to Z

About human resources

  • The company's human resources are well-trained from both domestic and foreign partners like: Hino, Tadano, ShinMaywa.

  • We have an internal training system continuously improve the skills of our employees

Integrity and compliance with the law

  • We are committed to providing quality products as committed to our customers

  • Products manufactured by Truong Long comply with the stipulations of the Vietnam Register.  We are guarantee with customers not having problems when apply for vehicle registration process